Technical Intelligence Solutions

Technical Intelligence Solutions

With decades of experience in System Engineering, TIS provides knowledge in reducing vulnerabilities with various systems. Through certification and accreditation TIS has authority to operate systems. Technical Intelligence Solutions have professionals with advanced degrees in Information Assurance and professional certificate programs, such as CISSP. Technical Intelligence Solutions provide expertise on all the following areas and more:

  • Software development
  • Configuration management tools
  • Configuration deployment
  • Core Cloud concepts and orchestration
  • Using and deploying analytic tools and other platforms

Our Services

Site Reliability

Create solutions for managing configuration changes across multiple environments to improve consistency, scalability, reliability and develop tools in collaboration with the development teams to speed deployments.

Information Assurance

Ensure the safety of the clients and the employees by identifying current risks associated with the software and hardware systems and focus on the security and risk assessment of the system architecture.

System Integration

Bring together components of a system, or sub-system, that handle different areas of the system to achieve your overall functionality you desire from a system as a whole.

Configuration Management

Establish and maintain consistency and integrity of a product’s performance, functional, and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life.

Big Data Integration

Store and process massive volumes and varities of extremely large data sets to analyze the patterns, trends and assocations using latest and fastest tools and processing engines.

Cloud Orchestration

Cost effective automation to bring up infrastructure from start ups to large enterprises freeing up engineering time for rebuilding development environments and ensuring highest availability of production tools and products.

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